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About 42IP.

42IP is a Sussex-based intellectual property consultancy practice. As a qualified and experienced UK Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney, Olivia provides IP support to independent inventors, start-ups, SMEs, universities as well as overflow support for in-house IP departments and IP firms. 42IP aims to provide a reliable, high-quality service at competitive prices. If you have a good idea and want to find out how you can protect it, or if you are considering outsourcing your patent work, please do get in touch for a free consultation.

Our services include:

    General advice on patent, trade mark and design
    Patent application drafting and prosecution
    Patentability analysis and review
    Advise on patent filing and prosecution strategies
    Overflow support for in-house IP departments and IP firms
    IP audit
    Infringement opinion

Our Attorneys.


Olivia Tsang

Patent Attorney

Olivia joined the intellectual property profession in 2007 after completing her PhD in physics.

Patenting Software and Business Methods.

If you have developed a new piece of software, you may be wondering if there are any way of protecting it against unauthorised copying. In the UK and Europe, an original piece of software (i.e. not copied from another software) is automatically protected by copyright against copying and distributing the copies. There isn’t a copyright register and you do not need to pay a fee for a certificate or a registration. However, if your software does a little more than just help kill a few minutes while waiting for a bus, especially if it is an integral part of a business venture, you may wish to consider if you can patent your software. A patent not only protects your software against direct copying, it protects the inventive concept behind the software to prevent others from developing their own version of software based you your inventive concept.


"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Olivia. Olivia is very friendly and is always happy to engage with clients directly. Olivia has worked on a number of projects with me and has gone above and beyond with clients to provide high quality work. Olivia is diligent and has extensive knowledge in the software field. I can highly recommend working with Olivia."

Kate Butler

Sirius IP

"Being a lone inventor on a limited budget, I’d speculatively filed a UK application myself without claims to establish a priority date and explore the potential for my invention. Shortly before the 12 month deadline for submitting the claims I concluded the chances of a successful application would be significantly improved with professional assistance, and additionally, I’d decided the invention merited a PCT application. I approached a few big name firms, but quickly concluded they were more focused on dealing with clients with large IP budget. Luckily I discovered Olivia at 42IP, and I was immediately impressed by how quickly she grasped the essential features of my invention, especially as it was in a fairly specialist field. Although the deadline was rapidly approaching she showed great patience in explaining the subtleties of the claims drafting process to me, so on completion I was entirely satisfied that all the elements had been covered as well as they could be, and I very much doubt whether a large firm would have provided this level of service at such a reasonable cost."

Keith Weller

Electronic Design Consultant

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